Supporting Entrepreneurs in Africa

Starta is making it easier to build, discover and track high growth business opportunities in Africa.

We believe that billion dollar companies will emerge out of Africa. Our mission is to contribute to making this happen.

We do this through content + data. We provide entrepreneurs in Africa with business support content, tools and opportunities required to launch, manage and scale a business startup. We provide the platform that allows investors and business development professionals to research, discover and track the fastest growing business opportunities in the region.

We are team of entrepreneurs, private investors, growth hackers, data scientists, designers, coders and designers with passion for Africa.

Reinventing the Future

We believe that commerce is a key driver in Africa’s socio-economic growth. And small business and startup founders like you will make this happen. We also understand that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely walk. Those who dare to build the future need to think differently, and dare the impossible.

Through Starta, we aim to accelerate the future by optimising the present. We are curating business learning for African entrepreneurs. And we are organising high growth business opportunities for those that are interested in Africa.