If you have ever found yourself not reaching a goal, then you’d benefit from some accountability in your business.

Everybody needs some form of accountability. Even if your primary goal for starting a business is to be your own boss, your chances of success will improve by holding yourself accountable to someone or something.

As entrepreneurs, a culture of accountability is one of the most important things you can use to optimise for high performance within your company. Here are five actions you can implement to do this:

1. Clearly communicate your expectations

Without clear expectations, there’s no way to hold someone accountable. It is important to get everyone on the same page on what success looks like and how they can individually contribute to making it happen. This provides a frame of reference for performance.

2. Assign tasks and responsibilities to individuals –  not groups

If everyone is responsible for a task, no one is. Holding an individual accountable for specific actions shouldn’t be about who to blame when things go wrong. Rather, it should enable members of your team take ownership of what they do and develop their confidence in doing so.

3. Hone the art of instant feedback

A lot of people avoid giving feedback. But you can’t hold people accountable without it. For feedback to be productive, it must be shared regularly and without delay.

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If this practice becomes part of the culture, your team will come to expect it and not feel that it’s anything unusual.

Leaders should be expressive when they see behavior they would like to encourage or discourage. Make sure feedback is specific and focused.

4. Give freedom and support

For issues that are not time sensitive, there is a lot of benefits in letting your team arrive at a decision instead of vetoing one. With this approach, team members increase their skills, confidence, and ownership of the idea.

Also, support them in their plan. Supporting staff in their clearly communicated tasks gives people security to  be accountable.

5. Hold yourself accountable

It’s a bit trite, but it’s good to remind you of the need to keep yourself accountable. Doing so transforms you from being a boss to a leader. A rule applies to everyone or it applies to no one. As a leader, you must be aware that everyone is watching you, and everything starts at the top.


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