Episode 20 Edem Dotse, Founder at Swiftly, Filling the gap for an easier and affordable shipping system [Podcast]


Edem Dotse is the founder and CEO  of Swiftly, a disruptive peer to peer platform making shipping affordable for everyone.


If you are shipping a container, you can find someone to share your extra space. Sending a package by Air, add it to someone who has extra space or yet still collaborate to fill your shipment and share cost.


Edem has a brilliant view about sharing. He thinks it’s pretty wasteful to ship a half-full container by sea or a half-full air package.


In Today’s episode, you will learn:


  • When Edem first faced the shipping problem in 2012. He had wanted to ship a gear box and found the expense too high? What did he do next?
  • Why is  Edem deeply inspired by Uber and Airbnb? What are they doing differently? And how is Swiftly similar?
  • What Swiftly’s initial MWP was? What the challenge was, and how they solved it.
  • How does Edem think you should deal with the pressure of raising money? What has this got to do with creating and nurturing a fantastic team?
  • Why does Edem think freight forwarding hasn’t seen much disruption? How big is this industry? And how is Swiftly filling this gap?
  • What Edem considers their biggest pain point? What is the outcome they’d like to have?
  • And more!


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