Episode 23, Making Nigeria an easy place to do business- Tola Onayemi, SA Industry, Trade and Investment


This was a live podcast recorded in Abuja!

Tola Onayemi is in the economic team of the office of the Vice President.


He serves as a Special Adviser on the industry, trade and investment cluster by providing technical policy assistance.


Tola is strongly of the opinion that crude oil is not the solution Nigeria desperately craves. He says, ” if we are ever going to take off as an economy, it’s not just oil.”


This discussion dwells on progressively and sustainably making Nigeria and easy place to do business.


This is the recording of a live podcast. In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Tola studied law in as his first degree. How did he make the shift into policy and economic decision making?
  • How did he get the call to serve on the economic team of the Vice President? What options did he have at the time? And why did he make the decision to join the team?
  • What is like on a day to day basis? Tola breaks it down in four streams. Find out what they are
  • He is of the opinion that the civil service is one of the most powerful aspects of government. Do you agree with him? Find out what his reasons are
  • What can be done on the short term to make it easier to do business in Nigeria? What does Tola says is being done currently?
  • What does Tola mean by consequence management? And how does this term affect business in Nigeria?
  • And more


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