Business is definitely not what it used to be. The landscape has changed so much that a lot of business owners struggle to catch up to the sweeping trend of technology, tactics, and techniques.

However, one thing has not changed. And that is the need to build high growth businesses, scale them sustainably and get funding.

The High Growth Africa Summit will connect you to experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs and investors to help you achieve that goal.

Getting you in the same room with entrepreneurs and investors gives you access to industry professionals, exposes you to a vibrant network and saves you a lot of time in the process.

Starta and Ingressive are two savvy platforms that have over time served as a resource pool for various entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs wannabes within Africa.

The summit is to help you understand the important role technology plays in business and how you can build and fund high growth businesses that are rapid and scalable.

Check out a few more reasons how the High Growth Africa Summit can be the catalyst you desire to help push your business beyond your imaginations.

1. Get new business ideas and strategies:

As an entrepreneur you are expected to be in the know about new business ideas and strategies as they keep springing up. But at times it might be a bit difficult to keep up to the ever evolving times. Attending the High Growth Summit gives you the opportunity to see firsthand the various business ideas and strategies and how you can apply them to your own business.

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2. Meet local and international investors:

A lot of entrepreneurs want the opportunity to speak to an investor. At the High Growth Africa summit, you will meet both international and local investors. Attending the summit gives you the opportunity to interact with them for two days, meeting with reps from 500 Startups, Intel Capital, NEA and others.

3. Build a connection with industry influencers:

At the summit, you will meet with experienced entrepreneurs and investors who have  considerable knowledge about the business sector. High Growth Africa summit offers you an intimate setting where you get to spend two days meeting with these leaders and having the chance to build a connection with them.

4. Promote your business:

You finally have a room full of entrepreneurs and investors  one of the key things you want to do is promote your business and what you can offer. You need to get your business cards and be ready to network. When you have the opportunity to meet people in person and explain what you do, you create a different and better impression than your ads would have done.

5. Get instant feedback on your business:

While you are busy explaining what you do to the entrepreneurs present, you get the opportunity for an instant feedback. This is especially useful for business owners who work from home. You get to refine your business ideas when you bounce them off people and get instant feedback.

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6. Meet other entrepreneurs:

It’s not everyday you meet a room full of entrepreneurs, it could help you to meet other people who are passionate about their businesses and what they do. When you are in the midst of like minded entrepreneurs there is this energy that can be a driving force that helps you develop a new process, service or product to add to your business.

7. Increase your network:

Every entrepreneur or business owner needs to be able to develop great connections, and some have been able to do that online through social media. However,  while staying in contact through Facebook or Twitter is convenient, meeting your contacts face-to-face  can help cement those relationships.

8. Invest in yourself:

This one is probably self-evident. And we might have already talked about it in whole or in part above. But leaving the office and your usual routine is investing in yourself and by extension your business.  When you take the step to purchase your  ticket you’re saying that you’re investing in your own growth.

9. Have fun:

This might not be one of the most important reasons but it’s not okay to leave it off the list! Conferences are always fun. I know the introverts reading this might not agree with me, but being in a live event with other people for two days will be fun! If you are not a master networker like so many people, you should read this. Don’t miss out on fun!

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These are just a few things you will definitely have the opportunity of experiencing at the summit. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of a game-changing event for your business. We look forward to having you.