Growth is the only essential thing you need to be a startup. It has nothing to do with being a new company, tech-based, raising money or with a cool sounding name. It’s all about growth.

Growth metric varies from one company to another, however the most commonly used metric is the rate at which a product is adopted by users. So how does a startup with limited resources and zero brand equity acquire users 10x more than the incumbent? The answer is not a bigger marketing budget or a better brand, it is growth hacking.

In this slide, we explored the concept of growth hacking and how it is different from traditional marketing. We used case studies and stories to provide practical how-to guides on strategy, tactics and tools you can use to acquire users even if you have zero/low marketing budget. And how to bake growth into the DNA of your product development.

It’s intended for people currently running a business and have recognised customer acquisition as a pain point they need to address.

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