Around this time last year, I sent an email to few friends and acquaintances. I told them I want to focus on helping startup founders in Africa to build high growth businesses in the continent.

It was an unknown journey for me at the time.

Some did ask me….. ‘so how do you want to make money from this?

‘I don’t know yet’, was my answer. But I know if I create value for the right audience, we’ll figure something out.

We launched Starta on a belief that billion dollar companies will emerge out of Africa built by Africans. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs that will make this happen.

And it has been an incredible journey….with you.

At one of our Silicon Drinkups

Since then, over 18000 entrepreneurs and investors across the continent have signed up for our newsletter

Tens of thousands are reading our blog monthly.

We’ve hosted several events – Silicon Drinkups in Lagos and Abuja, Growth Hacking Masterclasses, Coffee chat series, Webinars, Online Courses and The High Growth Africa Summit, with over 350 delegates.

Angry Customer: Maybe I'll just take my business elsewhere; Gary: Noooo

We have some great plans for 2017.

We want to launch our Premium Membership platform. Extend the growth hacking platform to more businesses and host Weekend Entrepreneurship Bootcamps in major African cities for people who want to learn how to start and scale tech-enabled businesses in the continents.

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But first, we want to hear from you on how to serve you better.

What do we do to make sure you achieve your goals and objectives for 2017?

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